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We offer a variety of workshops throughout the year.

Some with a specific training theme in mind, and some just for fun!

We have something for everyone at CKDT, so come and join the family...


Grow your bond, gain focus and have fun with your dog!


Stay with Me - Recall Games Workshop

Are we struggling to regain proximity on walks? Perhaps we did during puppyhood until adolescence struck? Or maybe we have a new rescue dog that we're looking to build up the trust with?

Our Stay With Me Workshop provides caregivers with a set of tools to continually develop the bond that exists between human and canine, through the introduction of great fun games!

Walk with Me - Loose Lead Games Workshop

Pulling on the lead has a variety of reasons for our canine friends. 

But we can do so much to change up the experience of the walks we share with them, by working hard on those conversations about meeting us in the middle to create a more harmonious agreement. 

Our Walk With Me Workshop incorporates games and strategies set to wind down that urgency and fizz when we're out and instil some calm.

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Couch to Canicross


Looking for a way to get fitter with your dog, strengthen your relationship and have LOADS of fun?


Our Canicross taster session is for you!
* Get advice on equipment and fitting

* Learn commands and cues to teach your dog the art of Canicross
* Learn safe and simple techniques to get started, keeping it fun and simple for you and your 4 legged friend

What do you need?


* Y fronted harness for your dog (don't have one? Get in touch, we may have equipment you can borrow)
* Bungee style lead, ideally that wraps around your waist (don't have one? Get in touch, we may have equipment you can borrow)

* A dog! Any breed can try Canicross. Your dog must be over 1 year old. (Larger breeds may differ, please get in touch if you have a large breed dog less than 18 months old for further advice)

* A pair of shoes you don't mind doing a bit of running in


That's it! You don't need to be a runner, you don't need to be super fit. You just need to be keen to explore a new world of fun and bonding with your fluffy pal. 

To book into a Beginners workshop, click the link!


Canine First Aid

An accredited workshop for Dog Professionals and Caregivers alike!

The course content includes:

  • The role of a first aider and legal compliance

  • The foundations

  • How to conduct a full body exam

  • How to take your dog's vitals - pulse, breathing rate and temperature

  • CPR

  • Seizures

  • Bleeding

  • Canine shock

  • Burns & scalds

  • Toxic ingestion

  • Gastric dilatation volvulus

  • Heat stroke

  • Choking

  • Road traffic collisions

We also provide a course handbook which covers:

  • Signs of cancer

  • Bee and wasp stings

  • Dog fights

  • Eye injuries

  • Alabama rot

  • Drowning

  • Adder bites

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