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Bootcamp Level 1

Our Bootcamps are powered by fun, focus, and fostering confidence. The Level 1 Beginners course has been developed as a 6 week intensive set of 30 minute classes, aimed at building a basic foundation for dogs over 6 months.


The sessions offer a huge variety of activities that ensure there’s fun for all. They have also been tailored to give those dogs looking to move up into our further education classes, a better base for accessing the activities, and to give pawrents a steadier skillset for supporting dogs in new environments.

Bootcamp Level 1 Beginners is suitable for all dogs over 6 months that are comfortable with dogs in their environment. The course is no suitable for dogs with dog-dog or dog-human reactivity. Please see our Calm and Collected Toolkit for Reactivity Programme if this is the kind of support that you need.


Once graduated Level 1 Beginners, families can either work their way up through the higher-level Bootcamps, or access Foundation Agility/Gunless Gundog.

Let’s get started!


Grow your bond, gain focus and have fun with your dog!

Bootcamp Level 2

Available to all Puppy Plus and Bootcamp Level 1 graduates.

This step up class glides smoothly up a notch from entry classes.

A real fun and energetic course packed with games, communication and life skills.

What's involved?

  • Leg Weaves

  • Heelwork Drills

  • Shaping

  • Middle Recalls and sequences

  • Tricks such as Wave, Sit Pretty, Play Dead and Crawl

  • Rear end awareness

  • Next level Impulse Control

  • Emergency Stops

  • Vow of Silence


Bootcamp All Stars

You’ve smashed your way through Level 2 Intermediates?

Then you’re ready to take the final step up into All Stars!

An awesome fun weekly class that is different every time, combining activities from all our training disciplines, to develop an incredible repertoire of all round skills.

An open mind and a willingness to try new things leaves space for tremendous relationship growth in these classes.

Upcoming courses

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