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Ever dreamed of your dog becoming a search and rescue hero, track & trail is for you! This popular sport is a great team building experience for you and your dog. 

Work together to find and locate the hidden trail layers in these fun and friendly group classes. As one dog works at a time, this class is open to all dogs over 5 months old - young, reactive, old, fizzy, wild, ploddy - you name it - you can come. You don't need a german shepherd or spaniel either, it is accessible to all breeds from pugs to saint Bernards!

Working in public locations your dog will learn to process the world around them whilst working their nose in a mixture of locations including woodlands, urban area, parks and industrial estates.

Once you have completed your introduction you will be invited to join us on workshops that you can join whenever you like with no strings attached.

You will find the bookings for by clicking the link below:

let your dog be the hero!



Did you know that a dog's nose is around 100,000 times more powerful than our own? Honing in on their natural ability to sniff and identify scent, your dog will learn to search and indicate on a variety of scents in a series of different indoor and outdoor environments. 


Search around cars, objects outside, walls, tables and chairs, boxes and bags - all of the skills you will need should you want to enter a Scentwork UK trial. Competing in trials is not a necessity when it comes to training with us, our goal is for you to have fun and progress your dog's sniffing journey.

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noses down,
tails up!

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Who can take part?

  • Available to all breeds, shapes and sizes

  • No previous training required

  • Must be comfortable with other dogs and people in their environment

  • Dogs over 6 months old

Our courses start with a theory lesson so that you understand how your dogs noses work before you learn how to use them! We run with a maximum of 6 dogs so that there is enough sniffing time for all, it also includes a small intro kit so you can practice at home! Courses are 6 weeks (week 1 - no dogs) and lessons are 60 minutes.


Upcoming courses

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