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Puppy Love

Our Puppy Love School is known for being a supportive and approachable community of local families working hard to give their puppies the best start to life, with the assistance of our classes, socials, online forum, and ongoing support.

We pride ourselves on getting to know each of the families that comes through the community and tailoring their experience to the needs and breed that they have at home.

A Puppy Playing with a Toy

Why join our Puppy Love Programme?

  • It's fun

  • It's holistic

  • It offers a lifetime of advice and support. Once you're in the family, you're in the family

What does it offer?

  • 6 weeks of Live Classes

  • 4 weeks of Online Homework

  • CKDT Hub tutorials

  • 1-2-1 initial Zoom Call

  • Facebook family group space

  • Continued support after Puppy Love

Because training a puppy is more than sit and paw...

How much is the Programme fee?

Necessity: £130 

Our Necessity programme covers all areas that we feel make up a great start for your family.

We limit our class sizes to a maximum of 6 puppies to ensure a calm environment where each puppy has plenty of time with the teacher.

Image by David Clarke

Puppy Plus

So you’re nearing Puppy Love graduation and you’re keen to keep the ball rolling for training! Great!

Adolescence can be a super challenging time for young dogs and it’s our job to help you to support them. Adolescence is a detrimental time to remain consistent in your feedback and instruction, and to understand the changes and challenges happening at each stage for your pup.

Let us guide you through with furthering their (and your) learning in our Puppy Plus Graduate Programme. 

With a series of fun games, preparatory skills, and focus exercises, we’re also setting pawrents and paws up for further training classes with us, just in case you’d like to see how far we can take your relationship

Dog Owner

Upcoming courses

  • Starts Jun 6

    130 British pounds

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  • Starts Jul 25

    130 British pounds

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