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Ever wanted to try Agility?

A bit nervous about the idea of joining a school where you'll be thrown in the deep end with experienced dogs?

Agility Foundations 


Agility Foundations is our entry programme. 

It involves 5 weeks of working with a group of other like-minded people who are also starting their journey.

We explore targeting, drive, handling, shaping skills, play, start lines and much more!

Agility Beginners

Once you've graduated Agility Foundations, you can step up to Agility Beginners.

This is your time to apply the Foundation exercises on equipment and start to shape course running in segments.

It builds handler confidence in running in groups environments, desensitises dogs to seeing others running, and allows you time to watch others. This is turn taking in these sessions so you'll get a chance to better know your classmates!


work as a team, gain focus and have fun!

Agility Regulars

When you feel ready, and when we feel your dog is ready, you'll then be able to take that final step up to a regular slot in our weekly classes.

These sessions are fun, relaxed and social.

Everyone is here to support each other and to be your biggest cheerleader!

Upcoming Courses


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